Convert TC to TP Owned | Not for new centers

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This is to notify all the franchise TCs, which have been accredited/conditionally accredited on SMART, that the process for becoming a TP owned centre is now available on SMART. There are 3 options available for the TC to become TP Owned

  1. Become TP Owned with its existing TP
  2. Become TP Owned with any other TP (The TP has to be Deemed Ready on SMART)
  3. Create a new TP and become TP owned with it(The new TP has to become Deemed Ready on SMART before proceeding)

Important Note:

  1. This process includes payment for TP registration and TC re-inspection whichever is applicable.
  2. Once any option is chosen, it will not be rolled back on SMART.
  3. SMART doesn’t mandate a TC to be TP owned, it’s a scheme’s mandate and hence the option will be reflected to all TCs. It’s a TC’s choice to opt for it.
  4. Even after getting converted to a TP owned Centre, the SMART Portal will not guarantee targets under any scheme
  5. TCs who have already converted to a TP owned Centre successfully through the old TC-TP conversion process need not apply again through this new process.

Documents required: The following documents will be checked during physical inspection of the TC to establish ownership of the TP.

  1. Lease Agreement in the form of Rent agreement/Revenue Share agreement for the infrastructure (training space) / sanction or allotment letter from concerned authority (in case of Government Building) / Utility Bills, Tax bill, Govt. Registration certificate in the name of TP. In case infrastructure arrangement includes other training facility (tools equipment, furniture etc.) then same should be included in rent/lease agreement with complete details of the facility.
  2. Facilities related documents:
  • In case facilities (including Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment etc.) is owned by TP then Bill/Invoice or proof of purchase of such tools and equipment.
  • In case facilities (including Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment etc.) is not owned by TP then power of attorney on STAMP Paper of minimum 100 INR duly notarized as per format (Format at the end of this notice) given by NSDC.

3. Employment proof for resources mentioned in the CAAF: Contract/Agreement confirming contractual employment, Letter of Appointment/ Offer Letter duly accepted by employee, employment certificate issued by HR Head confirming on-roll employee.

4. Undertaking/NOC/Declaration by current franchise TC mentioning his willingness to convert into TP owned TC on STAMP Paper of minimum 100 INR duly notarized as per format given by NSDC.(Format at the end of this notice)

4 thoughts on “Convert TC to TP Owned | Not for new centers

  1. Gagan gupta says:

    Sir m tc hu mujhe tp bnana hai. Mera Center tp owned hai but m tp nhi hu mere account m payment nhi ati mere tp k account m jati hai please help m

    1. indiawebdesigns says:

      Dear sir,

      Kindly call +91 7002 484 119 or send a mail to [email protected] for details.

  2. Syed Abuzar says:

    Dear sir
    My smart username TPXXXXXX is frozen kindly let me know how can I make it working

    1. indiawebdesigns says:

      It will be automatically fixed. If not kindly keep on reminding Smart team by sending emails.

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