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Cost of an E-Commerce Website Development in India

The scope of E-Commerce stores is increasing at a tremendous rate in India. At the end of 2016, market of e-commerce  will cross 100 million. The new generation had happily accepted the habit of buying more products from e-commerce rather to visit a retail store. The cost of e-commerce store’s products are much cheaper than that of the retail outlets, includes easy and free shipping  and a buyer has tons of product catalogs, from numerous e-commerce stores to choose from. As a result, e-commerce industry in India is booming at an unexpected rate.

Cost of an E-Commerce Website in India:

Depends on your concept, the functionalities you add to your e-commerce store, number of products you would like to sell at the initial stage, etc. But a basic e-commerce website in India starts from Rs 20,000 to Rs 45,000. E-commerce websites with large number of features, design concept, marketing or crm tools integrated with it, depends how much the website would cost.

Will E-commerce Kill Retail?

At the first stage of e-commerce booming, it was predicted that retail industry would take over by e-commerce. But the real fact is retail will not be thrown away.

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