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Here Are the Top 14 IT Jobs in India that you may Select for the Year 2016

January and February are those months when most of the IT professionals change their jobs. May be for this reason you arrived at this article which is all about the top 14 highest paying IT jobs in India.

Information Technology in India has taken a booming directing in terms of generating huge business as well as creating a new scope of employment. During the recent years, with the introduction of e-commerce, the trend of Information technology had grown very rapidly which is good news for the youths. On one hand it e-commerce or maybe m-commerce gave the local vendors of India a new and easy to use platform to reach their target audience and on the other hand, it created a lot of opportunities for the young generation. The immense growth of smart phone users in the country added another plus point.

According to LinkedIn, the top highest paying jobs in India in IT industry are:

  1. Cloud Computing.
  2. Data Mining & Statistical Analysis.
  3. Storage System Management.
  4. UI Designing. (User Interface)
  5. Public Relation Services & Communication.
  6. Network & Data Security.
  7. Web Development Frameworks & Architecture.
  8. Perl, Ruby, Python.
  9. Mobile Application Development.
  10. Mac, Linux, Unix System.
  11. Social Media Optimization & Marketing.
  12. Game Development.
  13. Data Warehousing & engineering.
  14. Internet / Digital Marketing.


Earlier, highest paying jobs in India only mean those jobs in the government sector. But with the advancement of information technology, IT is one of the most demanding sector now a days. I am not talking about the hard core software developer, but I even see certain persons doing search engine optimization or social media marketing and collects 40k-60k every month. The advantage of IT is that much of the information is already available on the internet. Those who can follow and implement those tips and tricks can surely pocket a handsome earning every month.

IT also helped in creating Jobs for Own:

Everyday hundreds of freelancers as well as website designers, software developers, social media marketers, serach engine marketers are staring up their own ventures in India. Those startups or freelancers have various options to sell their services such as listing on website like or or simply going out to his local market.

Opportunities are unlimited, one who grabs it will be the winner!


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    What about website designing job??

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