Foreign / Overseas Projects For NGOs, Project Consultancy

HIV Awareness Project for agencies / NGOs with FCRA / for-profit organizations / individuals

Expression of interests from agencies / NGOs / for-profit organizations / individuals to provide an innovative, ground-breaking technological solution to reach populations present in virtual space who are at-risk of HIV infection, with prevention, care, testing and follow up services.

Who Can Apply?
Any agency / NGO with FCRA / for-profit organization / any individual

Potential applications can be:
• A unique innovative technological solution to increase awareness and drive behavioral changes among hard to reach population, indulging in behavior that makes them vulnerable to HIV infection
• An innovation that manages virtual media community or app (anonymous or otherwise) for reaching hidden population with mechanisms to access and connect with HIV prevention, care and support services
• An innovation that reduces the workload of last man on the ground by streamlining the process of onboarding and registration of groups vulnerable to HIV infection using IVR, SMS, Web, Tab, App channels, etc.

Types of Funds:
• Seed Funds: Grand Challenge will provide seed funds to up to five innovations for aperiod of six months for piloting and testing validity of the innovation. The total amountavailable for all the selected innovators (up to five) would be USD $250,000.
• Transition to Scale Funds will be provided to the most promising solution(s) that isidentified in the seed funding stage to develop, refine, and rigorously test the impactof innovative solution. Transition to scale is subject to availability of funds.

Last Date: 10 Feb 2018

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