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How to Get Funds / Grants for New NGOs?

Getting funds for new ngos is not an easy task. Most of the funding agencies or the ministries of the government always checks the eligibility of the new ngos’ before sanctioning a scheme or grant. So, the question is, if your NGO is new how can you get a grant?

The answer to the above question is quite simple if we relate it to the following example. 

Example begins: There is a boy whose name is Ajay. After completing his 12th standard he is in search of a job. But the real problem with Ajay is, he is not aware where to apply and how to apply? As a result, he tried to search jobs in newspapers as well as online but unfortunately he could not find the required data. Repeating the same process for about some time, Ajay understood what the real problem is and why he could not find a job! He, then decided to write down what exactly the employers are looking from an employee and his list is as follows:

  1. Age / Decision Taking Ability / Maturity

  2. Knowledge / Qualification / Experience in the particular field

  3. Approach

  4. His interests or future goals

  5. His KYC / Educational certificates or experience (if any)

Ajay then prepared his resume / cv / bio-data, which contains all necessary information regarding his contact, qualification and experience, gathered all necessary certificates and prepared a list of job vacancies which matches his qualification, interest and experience. Once the entire preparation was ready, he then applied for a few jobs and got one after a few weeks.

The above example can be directly compared to Ajay (a boy who has just completed his 12th standard and looking for a job) and your newly created NGO for which you are looking for a project. Let us make the comparison table:

Ajay = Your newly created NGO

Looking for a job = You are looking for a project for your new NGO

There are many jobs but Ajay could not get selected = There are many projects / schemes but your Ngo could not find one

Ajay prepared his resume/cv= Your NGO profile


Before applying for a grant / project, your first duty is to prepare all the papers and certificates of your NGO. These could be your registration certificate, pan card, member list with KYC, audited report of the last year, memorandum of association and by-laws, Niti Aayog unique id, FCRA certificate, etc. Once all these documents are ready, you need to prepare a profile for your NGO with the appropriate format which contains the entire overview of your NGO within 9-15 pages/slides.

Your next step will be to search information regarding all schemes and grants and apply to those projects where you are eligible. Applying to all projects is not a good idea, it destroys your valuable time and effort, rather we suggest you to apply only for those schemes and grants which fulfills the eligibility criteria of your organization.

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