Due to insufficient knowledge & experience about the scheme, a huge portion of your earning is being taken by the Training Providers!

You lose around Rs 3 lacs to Rs 5 lacs every quarter, as a franchise commission if you are running a PMKVY 2.0 Center with one classroom and a lab.

We are here to help you earn more and succeed with our revolutionary low cost quality services!

Have a look at the various steps which we need to follow in order to run a PMKVY 2.0 training center.

Step 1: TP and TC Registration on Smart

This is the first step which we need to follow in order to open a PMKVY center. For registering a training partner, we need to visit http://smart.nsdcindia.org and submit the training partner details. Once the details gets approved, we shall get a “DEEMED READY” message on the dashboard of the smart portal. Second step is to register a training center, we need to create a center from the TP dashboard and fill the required details.

Step 2: Submission of CAAF form

We shall receive the login credentials of the center on our registered email id and should submit the data and the photograph of the center along with the equipments and documents. Once the training center caaf gets approved, we shall get a “DEEMED READY” message on the dashboard of the smart portal.

Step 3: Physical Inspection

A designated officer appointed by NSDC or its affiliated agencies will visit your center and check each and every points which you have submitted on your CAAF form.

Step 4: Paying of Monitoring & SSC Fee

Once inspector or the inspection agency satisfies with your center infrastructure, equipments, trainers as well as documents your center will be accredidated. Post accredidation, you need to pay the annual monitoring fee as well as the SSC fee.

Step 5: Target Approval

In this step, your center details will be sent to the PMU team, once they approves your target, you shall receive a mail as well as check the target details on smart portal.

Step 6: TP Registration on SDMS

Once you receive targets from PMU, you need to register your training partner on sdms portal and submit required details.

Step 7: TC Registration on SDMS

In this step, you need to register your training center on smds portal visiting tp.nsdcindia.org, once approved you shall receive the sdms login credentials of your training center on your registered email id.

Step 8: PMU Approval of Target / Data Submitted on SDMS:

This is an automatic process but if your target is not approved by PMU you need to contact them sending an email.

Step 9: Student Enrollment

You can start enrolling your students immediately after receiving PMU approval of targets.

Step 10: Adding a Faculty

In this step, you need to add all the faculties on the SDMS portal.

Step 11: Creating a Batch

In this step, you need to create batches of 30 students each. A particular trainer will be allocated per two batches you create. You need to select the batch starting date, batch ending date and assessment date.

Step 12: Enrolling Students to Batches

Once you create the batches, you need to add the students in each batch.

Step 13: Commencement of Classes:

In this step, you need to commence your classes from the date which you have submitted on SDMS portal while creating a batch.

Step 14: Ordering Induction kit & Study Materials

Once you enroll a student submitting their data on SDMS, you need to order his/her induction kit and study materials from the respective vendors (only for approved students.)

Step 15: Submitting pictures asked on demand

PMKVY team will ask you pictures about various resources used in your center or may be infrastructure / brandings / students sending an email in your registered email id every week and you need to provide them the pictures through your TC app.

Step 16: Creating an account on Jira Helpdesk

You need to create a Jira Helpdesk account for solving any queries related to SDMS.

Step 17: Creating Finance Disbursement Account

In this step, you need to create a finance disbursement account to raise your invoices.

Step 18: Creation first invoice of 30%

In this step, you need to create your first invoice of 30% which should be requested after enrolling your students.

Step 19: Examination

In this step, you need to communicate with your respective SSC(s) and conduct the exam.

Step 20: Creation of Second Invoice of 50%

Once you receive the pass/fail results of the students, you need to request for the 50% payment for all the passed out students.

Step 21: Placement record updation on SDMS

In this step, you need to update the placement records on SDMS portal.

Step 22: Creation of Third Invoice of 20%

Once you have updated the placement records of the students, you need to create your third and last invoice of 20% for 70% placements.

PMKVY 2.0 Service Packages (View All)


TC To TP Conversion PMKVY 2.0

10,000.00 4,999.00

This package is specially designed to convert the franchise training centers to TP owned centers.

Service includes:

  1. Registration On Smart.
  2. Making Your TP Application Deemed Ready on Smart.

PMKVY Smart Registration

15,000.00 10,000.00


7,000.00 4,000.00
  • Training Partner Registration in SDMS
  • Training Center Registration in SDMS
  • PMU Target Approval
  • Finance Requests
  • Jira Ticket Portal Registration

PMKVY 2.0 Induction Kit

1,000.00 599.00

*For 100 students

This service package is specially designed for the training centers and training providers to facilitate them in ordering the PMKVY 2.0 induction kit from the authorized vendors.

While you purchase this package, we shall process all the steps to order

1. T-shirt (Male) or Jacket (Female)
2. Diary
3. ID Card holder with Lanyard
4. Back Pack (Bag)

for each student you have enrolled in your SDMS portal.

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