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7 Compulsory Checks To Promote An Interior Design Business

promote an interior design business

Are you an interior designer and planning to launch or promote your interior design business? Are you looking for new and modern ways to market your interior design business and reach our new customers as far as possible? In this article regarding “ 7 Compulsory Checks To Promote An Interior Design Business“, we shall try to eliminate all of your queries and provide you the best and proven strategies to market your brand. Let’s get started!

Basic concepts of marketing which we need to learn before promoting an interior design business.

The very simple meaning of marketing is to identify the need of the customers and reaching them with the most appropriate product or a services. If the product or service which we are offering has a value to the customer, our product/service will get sold. So, why do you think a person will have to hire an interior designer?

The main three reasons for people to hire an interior designer are:

  • To get professional advice on upgrading the look of his premise.
  • To get a person who can decorate his/her premise in a scientific and disciplined way.
  • To save time and money.

Of-course, there are several other factors but we have considered the primary factors. Hence, we have seen, people who prefers working in a disciplined and scientific way, people who prefers to save his precious time and people who prefers to decorate his premise with help of a professional are your direct customers. These segment of customers are very useful in promoting an interior design business.

Now, the question is how do we get those potential clients?
This is one of the most crucial questions many professionals don’t have the exact answer when they try to promote an interior design business.

Methods of Advertisements To Promote An Interior Design Business:

We have a lot of methods to promote an interior design business but not all of the methods are of so important. If we maintain the pillar methods and monitor them at regular interval of time, we will be successful to promote an interior design business in any part of the world.

  • Method 1 – Listing your interior design business on Google My Business: Google My Business, is a free tool for all business owners. All you need to do is to list your interior design business on Google My Business, update the profile filling up all necessary details and most importantly updating your profile at regular intervals of time. If you simply create an account and do not update regularly, you wont be able to get visibility on Google My Business. You can post new articles on your Google My Business page regarding new interior design ideas, concepts, how to save money and time, etc.
  • Method 2: Approach a few of your friends and relatives and offer service for free: Once you are ready to launch and promote an interior design business, get in touch with your closed friends or relatives and ask them if they have any idea to renovate there office or residential interior. You can share them a few ideas, what changes and beautifications you can do and try not to take any charge for 2-5 projects. This will help you to build a portfolio which you can show to your upcoming paid clients. Once your job is over with your first free clients, request them to post a good descriptive review on your Google My Business page. These reviews will help you to gain trust from your future potential clients.
  • Method 3 – Build a website: Once you have got a few clients whether free or paid and some genuine reviews on Google local listing page, you are ready to get professional. In this stage, you need to hire a website designer or a web development company, design a properly structured website along with a mobile layout and admin panel from where you can update your website time to time. The website should have a well written company profile with contact details, Google Map, Portfolio, Social Media Links Integration and a specially designed blog. You will be able to use the blog to share ideas with your audiences from time to time.
  • Method 4 – Creating Social Media Accounts: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn plays a very important role for promoting an interior design business. All these platforms consists of a huge number of our potential customers. Proper utilisation of social media accounts can help you reach upto thousands of potential customers free of cost.
  • Method 5 – Update, Update & Update: Once you have a Google My Business verified profile, a properly designed website and social media accounts, you are ready to promote your interior design business. This is the most vital stage of promoting your interior design business and if you could work a bit seriously in this stage, your success is certain. In this stage of journey, we need to create at least one informative post of at-least 600 words, publish it on your website’s blog, share the link of that blog post, on Google My Business and share the article on all social media platforms.This habit will let people know that you are quite experienced in the field of interior designing and shall start taking your advice. People love to hire those professionals who have experience and are active.This habit will also let the robots of Google search engine know that, you update your website frequently with useful contents and gradually you shall start getting ranks on search engines.
  • Method 6: Set Up Google Ads: Even if you follow step 5 which is updating your website and all social media accounts at regular interval of time but you wont be able to get immediate results. To overcome this situation, the best option we recommend is to set up Google ads on your website. Setting up Google Ads on your website will help you promote an interior design business with ease. Google shall start displaying your website on top of the search results, whenever someone search for an interior designer in your locality. While setting up the ads, you can choose your daily budget, geography – where you want your advertisements to get displayed, platforms and so on. You can even get in touch with us to help you set up a Google Advertisement Account to promote an interior design business.
  • Method 7 – Ask for referrals: The last and best proven method to promote an interior design business is to ask for referrals. It is always a good idea to ask for referrals to the clients whom you provided service, you can even ask for some referrals from your family members, neighbours and friends.

Bonus Tips To Promote An Interior Design Business:

Approach a few shops in your locality who sells items such paintings, stickers, furnitures, electrical fitting appliances, household construction materials, etc and try to tie up with them. Convince them to allow you post a poster or place a table calendar at their desk and request them to refer you clients. You can in return share a commission with them out of the total earnings you make from his referral.

Hope, this article helped you in learning a few proven methods to promote your interior design business. Let us know your opinion by a comment, filling the comment box below.

If you think, you need any professional guidance in setting up the entire digital environment for your interior design business, kindly contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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