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Mobile Apps Services in India

An estimated 60% Consumers prefer mobile apps over websites. Needless to say, if you are a consumer-centred business, mobile apps could help you drive a significant advantage over your competitor. 



Looking for an Android App Development Company In India? According to a recent survey by  Statista.com, there are over 2.56 million apps on the Google Play store. This clearly shows the popularity of Mobile applications in today's day & age.

In 2020 people are getting more glued to their small screen companion. A recent study has shown that an average individual spends about 4 hours 30 minutes on their screens. This shows how we as human beings are so dependent on our smartphones.

We use our smartphones for literally everything these days. From ordering food to watching movies, From playing games to using maps. Our smartphones can perform every task you throw at them.

Gone are days when your desktop or laptop was considered to be the most powerful machine out there. With new technology and inventions, the smartphone market has changed.



“India is the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market” We Develop Android Applications For The Following Industries:-

  1. E-Commerce Businesses
  2. Corporate Business House
  3. Financial Institutions
  4. Educational Organizations
  5. Non-Profit Organizations
  6. Gaming Apps
  7. Tours & Tourism Industries
  8. Medical & Pharmaceutical companies



Various Steps Associated With Developing An Android App:-

> Discussion of Your Idea- The First step would be to take down notes of your ideas and other potential ideas. Having a good idea is crucial. It can provide a good start and a good outcome.

> Evaluation of the concept- We evaluate the concept thoroughly and make a detailed plan to realize the concept from the stages of infancy to the real product.

> Advance Milestone Designing- Here we design the framework and have a vague idea of how the app will look.

> The UI & UX- User Interface and User experience are 2 most important factors in App development. It’s the user who needs to have a good experience using your app. Hence we focus on UI & UX a lot.

> Developing the functions Revision- Once everything is done. We let our clients see it. We make test runs and try to see any faults in our apps. If any changes are required then we make it. If not then we move on to the nest stages.

> Uploading it to the play store/Launching the app- The final step would be to launch the app in the play store or app store or both


We know how much you care about your time. Therefore our mobile applications for businesses simplify the needs of a business to make it convenient for the owner to run his business.



The first step is giving the idea of the type of app you would like to have. This is the first and foremost step towards developing the app of your dreams. If you have an idea, good. If you don't then we cultivate one for you.

After giving the idea, the client must give out the features he would like in his app.

There are a lot of features in an app. Starting from simpler to much more advanced and complex ones.

After discussing all the factors we discuss the price range under which our client wants the app.

We make the app, show the client before launching it officially. Make any necessary changes if required by the client.


How can we help?

Now if you got an idea of why Mobile Application is important for your business, then you might also be looking for a Mobile Application Development company.

Before you go about choosing an agency, keep in mind the fact that not every agency out there is worth your time and money.

The demand for Mobile Apps is huge. Hence the number of fraud agencies is also increasing with each passing day.

But as a consumer and a business owner you must be highly cautious. Developing a mobile app is a complex process, moreover, you are going to make it just once right?

Why make an app that will have a lot of complication, poor UI & UX, and overall a bad experience to the user.

And don't try to save money and do it on your own. Making an app using drag and drop software is common these days. But I would highly recommend you to go to a professional.

Because these guys/agencies have been doing it for a very long time. They have years of experience in this field.  It's always a wise decision to hire an expert in a field to do the task.

India Web Designs is one of the pioneers in this industry. Having been associated in this domain for around 8+ years, We know how to grow your business.

We have a team of app developers who will make sure that your business grows exponentially.



Q) Do I need a mobile app? Or will a website be just fine for my business?

>  A website is important for any business these days. But so does having an application. A recent study has shown that people spend an average of 4 hours on their smartphones. This is a great opportunity to market your business and you can only do so if you have an app.


Q) Which platform should I make the app for. Android or ios?

>You can make the app for each platform separately or make a cross-platform app that can run in both OS. The main question is what your target audience uses.


Q) How much should I be willing to spend on an app?

> To be honest, there is no fixed answer to this. If you want a cross-platform app. It will cost more. Similarly the more features you want on your app the more you need to pay for it.


Why India Web Designs?

India Web Designs is one of the most trusted Website Designing Company in India. With its head office situated at Guwahati, Assam; India Web Designs operates at different parts of the nation as well as overseas.

Apart from being a web design company, we are also a Digital Marketing company focusing heavily on improving our client's online presence.

India Web Designs is a local website designing company in India with all its operations carried out within India. However, it is a matter of pride that during recent years, a majority of the customers are from overseas too.

Our company follows a transparent business model and takes its responsibilities very seriously and dedicatedly due to which the retention capacity of the company is more than 90%.

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