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What is the role of software in business houses?

Several activities are associated in order to operate a business which needs to be done accurately and on time. Big business houses are able to employ necessary man power or human resources to perform those tasks but small scale and medium level business units may not be able to employ sufficient man power to execute those tasks. As a result, the employees of one domain may need to perform the tasks of another domain.

For example, if Mr X is an accountant in your company and his duty is to look after the accounts section of your business but he may also look after sales forecasting which not his responsibility is.

But if you develop software or a web application which can maintain your purchases, sales, accounting, payroll, etc. it will help you to minimize your efforts of preparing them with dedicated human resources.

One of the greatest examples of today’s era is online preparation of proposals and quotations. During earlier days, business owners used Microsoft Word like applications to prepare quotations or proposals which consumed so much extra time and effort. But with the advancement of digital technology, preparation of proposals or quotations can be done in a single click. Refer to the image below:

When it takes around 15-30 minutes of your productive time to prepare a quotation earlier, it now takes around a minute or two to prepare a quotation, maintain it properly for the future, mailing it to the client in one click, taking a print copy or converting it to an invoice.

As a result, with the use of appropriate software, which is accurately customized for your business, you can save time as well as efforts.


What are the areas where you can implement software activity?

You can implement software in each and every activity but at first you need to list the sequence. You can develop a software to track the entire activity of your organization or to track a single activity. Below is an example of a dummy company’s organizational flowchart.

Based on the above image, you can develop a software for the managing director to all the activities of the organization or for a class of supervisor.