[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Website design is one of the fastest growing services in this age. While more and more businesses are getting online, below are the 20 crazy things to know how website design works. I am pretty sure, once you read this article till the end, your concept regarding a website design will completely get changed.   Table Of Contents:
  1. List 10 Crazy Things To Know How Website Design Works.
  2. Steps of Designing a Website.
  3. Conclusion.

10 Crazy Things To Know How Website Design Works!

  1. Choosing a great domain name: For a common people, a website is something which has a www as a prefix and dot com as a suffix. So before you choose your next domain name, try to get a dot com domain name. Dot com is still the default domain name for most of the people.
  2. Deciding the concept of a website: There are several types of websites such as a content based website, an e-commerce website, a blog, a forum, a classified website, a web portal, and so on. Therefore, before going to build your own website, you must know how website design of each single type works or what are are primary objectives of each of these types of websites. For example, if you have a small business where you offer services, in that case it would be better for you if you just build an information based website to let your customers know about your services. On the other hand if you are grocery shop owner and planning to sell your products to the customers near your shop, in that case you need an e-commerce website. But if you are a very new businessman, build an information based website at first, once you start gathering sales from it, upgrade it to an e-commerce or a web portal.
  3. Most of the website owners do not use their website: A website is the most powerful tool in this area to increase your sales online. We have seen many business owners have got a website, but literally they do not use it the way it should be. Updating it regularly with useful contents will help Google to understand the the website has valuable contents and gradually its rankings will start getting improved on Google Search. You must not be a pro person who knows how website design works but if you get a content management system (CMS) website, you will be able to update your website with ease.
  4. Role of contents: While most of the website owners prefers a website with a great look what we call it as a user friendly UI. But on the other hand Google loves those websites with fresh and descriptive contents. In this regard, how website design professional you have hired, advised you in these area is also of great importance. Moreover, you should never copy a single line of content from any website which has already been published. If you do so, your website will get negative score in SEO.
  5. Google spiders secretly crawls your website: There is a mechanism of Google and other popular search engines, which keeps on crawling the pages of websites to find how informative the website or the page is. If you want to know how website design works perfectly, you must learn about google spiders and robots.
  6. More visitors increases Google SEO rankings: Thats true! The more number of visitors you get on your website, popular search engines like Google will consider that the website has a valuable content for the users, and it shall boost your website's SEO rankings.
  7. More Bounce Rate will Harm Your Website's Rankings: If you aim at seeking detailed knowledge how website design works, you must never ignore the concept of bounce rate. If a website visitors lands on your website, could not find any useful information or could not find a proper navigation system may press the back button of the browser or close the browser. This situation is termed as bounce rate. This is the reason why, you should produce fresh and engaging contents with clean navigation.
  8. Too much expectation is bad for your website: Your website is a technology tool but not a magic wand. There are various website owners who designs a website with a lot of expectations but when it's time for regular update of fresh contents, it's nothing. Unless, you update your website with useful contents, your website will be a useless tool as it is not a magic wand.
  9. I need a Taj Mahal at low cost: There are certain website owners who needs Amazon or Netflix at Rs 10,000 or $200 USD. How can someone expect a giant website at the cost of a static website? But the funny thing is that, free or cheapest things are disasters. Developing a web portal, following all the standards requires numerous protocols and this is not the method how website design works.
  10. Call to actions are more important than quality content: Last but not the least crazy things to know how website design works. Call to action is simply a highlighted message which is repeatedly displayed on the website on various places. It may be your contact number or email, signup / register button, etc. It does not matter how beautiful your website is but if you don't have call to actions, you wont get much sales.

How Website Design Works? What are steps?

Here are the list of steps on hierarchy basis, how a website is designed and built.
  1. Step 1: Consultation of the website designer with the website owner / client.
  2. Step 2: Preparation of Project Plan.
  3. Step 3: Discussing the project plan with the client.
  4. Step 4: Gathering Contents.
  5. Step 5: Designing the website.
  6. Step 6: Taking client's approval and making it live.

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