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Online Learning Web Portal Services in India

Online Learning Web Portal:


A web portal is developed by a certain organization that is willing to serve a limited number of people. Such a web technology comes into effect while using a website to acquire personal information from its users. Online learning portals offer courses, study materials, and other educational guides to enlighten the minds. The portal creators define a unique space for the visitors who wish to utilize the materials provided within the site. In doing so, the portal can track the progress of its users and even provide help in times when needed. Online learning web portals are designed by institutions or establishments that work towards providing quality education. The design process is a complicated one because of the database section that comes along with it. Visitors who are interested in acquiring a course from the learning portals must follow a sign-in process. The sign-in process is encouraged to maintain records of the provided information and the courses taken up by a certain individual. Following up with the process of signing in makes the visitor a certified user of the portal. Certified users who wish to join a learning portal are exposed to specific content and services. By becoming a certified user of the portal, the visitor allows the site to deliver the best service as promised by the portal creators. Web portals have similar features as compared to a website; the only difference is that a visitor who is exploring a web portal must provide additional information. This additional information depends on the website creators and the policies that are being followed.


Before designing an online learning portal the site owners must decide the subject of the learning materials. A portal that is designed for engineering purposes will not provide study materials on medicine and medical benefits. Learning portals are designed by giving importance to the area of education that would be supported by it. But since all the areas of education intertwine with each other at some point in time, the existence of similar study materials is also possible. There are a lot of criterias that must be met to develop a successful learning portal over the internet. The portal must support multiple types of content such as text, image, video, animation, etc. This is an important criterion as the materials used for educational reasons might contain any form of media. In accordance with it, importance should be given to the platforms that are used for accessing the internet. The exponential rise of mobile phone users has made it essential to initiate a mobile responsive design to the web portal. Portals that can be accessed from mobile phones will get more responses than non-responsive portals. There are different types of organizations found on the internet that offer a ready-made learning portal. Such types of portals possess limited capabilities and cannot address the specific needs of the learners. Developing a customized portal for online learning purposes can get rid of the difficulties faced with a ready-made portal. The developed web portal must be able to personalize the learning experience based on the learner’s skills, knowledge, and interests.

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