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Forum Services in India



A web portal where people with similar interests come together to hold discussions in the form of chats is called a forum. Forums are designed by targeting a specific set of audiences who are interested to take an active part in discussions. There are several famous forum platforms like Reddit, Quora, Stack Overflow, etc. Each of these platforms that are available on the internet takes an active part in sorting the doubts of their users. Forum platforms are commonly used by educators and learners who stay updated with current and past advancements. Forums and chat rooms might have a similar way of operation but the forums provide a badge to their users. A forum’s directory is designed in the form of a tree-like structure. The top-level of this structure holds the categories of the forum. The categories are then divided into sub forums for the users to hold discussions. Users who post helpful comments and solutions in discussions are awarded specific badges. The badges that are acquired by a user in a particular forum enable them to post different content. Depending on the access level acquired by a particular user sometimes a moderator is required to approve a particular post. The topics that are hosted for discussions are placed according to the listed categories of the web portal. But the topics that have not been posted in their dedicated categories are discarded by the site owners for further discussions. The forum designers have to build different sections for their users to differentiate them based on the badges they acquire. Interested people can take an active part in the forum discussions by providing minimum information about themselves. Each user must follow a simple registration process to become an active member of a forum. Developers of the forum portal must create special provisions to divide its users into certain groups. The groups are created based on the activities made by the users. Forums contain two specific groups of users that are known to us as moderators and administrators. The moderators are users who gain special access to the forum portal next to the admin of the portal. They can access the posts and comments made on a particular topic and also grant approval to make them visible publicly. Moderators act as the unpaid volunteers of a forum who can either make or break a forum portal. When a moderator is found misusing the portal, the role of the admin comes into effect. The privileges acquired by the admin of the portal are the highest within the portal. That includes customization of the portal as per the requests made by the existing users, promoting/demoting any user of the portal, monitoring the activities and efforts made by a particular user. Upon the launch of the web portal on the internet the developer gives a brief idea about the features installed on the site. After that, the site owner gains complete access to customize every single rule or customize the site with their own graphics

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