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Static Website Design Services in India

Static Website Design:


Websites are virtual addresses for physical organizations that are created to serve a special purpose. They are designed with the intention of satisfying the demands that are put forward by a particular client. Static websites as the name go don’t include elements that respond to their surroundings. It is a stationery page that gets displayed on the web browser exactly as it has been stored. A static website is the most simple type of website that can be created with a basic knowledge of coding. These websites can turn out to be the perfect tool for businesses that are seeking attention from the crowd. Creating a set of static pages for the sake of a particular business can aid in generating awareness. Such a set of pages will contain information and details about a particular organization. A static website can hold one or multiple web pages to store the information provided by the client. The information stored in each of these web pages is showcased in an astonishing manner. An appealing virtual existence on the internet will attract the eyes of the audience and aids in promotional activities. Such websites are shared with the crowd on the internet to get responses about the existence of a particular business. These types of websites cannot be constantly updated due to the pre-existence of the stored information. Those who want to keep their websites updated with the changing times should not acquire a static website. In such cases, a particular organization should create a dynamic website that can change information with a quick click. 


Static websites are HTML documents that are stored as files in the system of a particular web server. The codes within the HTML document contain the information that is to be displayed in a web browser. The web browser can find all types of addresses that are surfaced on the internet. It understands the code that is used in the creation of a particular website to represent them in an understandable format. Each code that is written for the website defines a different type of element. The codes representing a particular element must be arranged in order to establish a great-looking website. Writing codes without maintaining the correct order can result in errors or a bitter representation. Skilled designers create a layout of the website that is to be designed before moving on to the coding part. A website layout is similar to a poster or infographic material that gives out the visual representation of the website. Creating a layout of the final output can be beneficial while understanding the variations that are sought by a client. Static websites are better secured against web attacks as compared to dynamic websites. They provide an improved sense of security due to the absence of a database. Even when hacked the website can be easily restored by re-uploading the website after removing its malicious contents. The performance factor of a static website is far better than a dynamic website due to the reduced use of dynamic elements.

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