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          Since you have stumbled upon this page then you must have been searching for a way to grow your business digitally. This is the digital age where everything uses technology in digital form to exceed one’s competitors.


 “Marketing today employs digital technologies up to its core. Being digital has gone from ‘ONE of the things that marketing does’ to ‘THE thing that marketing does.”


          The quotation cited above allows one to understand that to grow a business in this current era of technology, one must employ digital methods to achieve the desired goals. As for a website designing company in Jorhat, you may have gone through a lot of research already before coming over to this part of the internet.


          Jorhat, one of the major cities of Assam is also known as "The Cultural Capital of Assam". It serves as a doorway for two sisters of Northeast India viz. Assam and Nagaland. Searching for a website designing company here can be tough but worry not as you are already going through one of the best companies to create and design your business digitally over the Internet. We are ‘India Web Designs’, a professional digital marketing company established in the Northeastern region of India. We have been offering a wide range of solutions in the field of digital services such as website design, website development, digital marketing, mobile application development, and software development. With our team of highly experienced website developers and digital marketing experts, we make it easy for you to plan, create and market your brand online on various platforms of the internet including popular social media platforms and search engines.


          When there is a lot of options to choose from, people often find themselves confused. They are sure of their needs but are not aware of the market trends that is currently in use. A few notable 


     » Choosing between a Freelancer or a Web Design Company         

          Freelancers are people who are willing to dedicate a part of their time to earn a few bucks. When it comes to working, both the company and freelancer are equally good. The only disadvantage of hiring Freelancers would be the fact that they mostly work solo or alone. Whereas, a Web Design Company has a dedicated team of people to fulfill various requirements of a client.

So, in this case, if you are in a hurry then going for a WDA is better, and if not, then a freelancer is good to go.


     » Affordability:

          This is a must when you want to promote your business on the internet for the first time. Affordability is an important aspect when you are going to invest in something new. Therefore, look for a company that cares about you rather than your wallet while providing you with the best of all their services.


     » Experience:

          Experience plays an important role in choosing the right people for the right job. A company that was formed yesterday or who has less work experience can sometimes deceive you from what you desire. These days there are a lot of these industries that are emerging from everywhere trying to make a quick buck from providing similar services.


     » Portfolio:

          When we say ‘Portfolio’ we usually refer to the visual introduction of a company’s details. The visual representation can be found on the website of a company or if not found you can seek the details by directly contacting them. When you are looking at a company’s portfolio you should see how many clients they have served over time, their testimonials, and the number of people they have provided their services to.


     » Delivery Time:

          Another important factor that one must look upon while approaching a web designer is the timely delivery of the projects that are taken by the freelancer or the company. We all know the importance of time and that is the reason why one must look at this aspect of a web designer in terms of completing a project.


     » Company trends:

          Technology is changing its face every minute, therefore to stay at the top of your game you must keep up with the latest trends. Web designing, being a sector in the technical department, one should always work by keeping in mind the latest technological improvement made in the field of web development. This is why one must follow up with the company regarding their process and the tools they are utilizing in their process of site creation and development.



          India Web Designs are one of the proud pioneers in North-East India in the field of Web Designing and Digital Marketing services. We provide complete digital solutions that take care of all the digital needs that are required to promote and extend your business. We believe in providing 360o digital solutions for your business so that you don’t have to keep changing companies to acquire different digital services. The various digital services provided by us are described in brief below:


» Website Designing Services in India:

          Building your website is the foremost step towards the digitization of your business. A website is a presence in the virtual world for your business. This is the first thing that a consumer sees when they approach your business. Here is a list of website designing services provided by us:


               â€£ Static website design,

               â€£ Dynamic website design, 

               â€£ e-commerce website design,

               â€£ Customized website designing services, 

               â€£ Open-source website designing services, 

               â€£ WordPress websites, Joomla websites, Magento websites, 

               â€£ Open cart website designing services, 

               â€£ Wix to HTML website designing service,

               â€£ Responsive website designing services,

               â€£ PSD to HTML website designing services.


» Website Development Services:

          As web developers, we take a website design and make a functioning website from it. We use programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc. to bring to life the website design files.  

Our website development services include-

          Dynamic website designing services, Customized website development services, CMS development services, Jobs portal Website development service, Matrimony Website development services, and more.


» Digital Marketing Services:

          Digital Marketing is a valuable asset for your business growth and helps you establish an authoritative online presence. The List of digital marketing services that we provide is Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter account marketing, YouTube Marketing, SEO LinkedIn Marketing and Promotion services, PPC (Pay Per Click), PPI management services Content Writing.


» Android Application Development Services:

          An android app is a great tool to enhance your marketing strategies and reach out to your customers. These days android apps are programmed in unique ways to work specifically for your business We as a digital marketing company, also deal in the development of mobile applications for e-commerce, SAAS platforms, and internal company administration purposes.


»  Software Development Services:

          Software is another important tool for any type of business to increase their productivity and in saving time. Along with the above-mentioned two features, the software also helps the business houses to run the entire operation in a disciplined manner. We build various kinds of software for different types of organizations ranging from small to medium scale so that we can provide them a customized tool for their business success.


» Website Hosting Services:

          Web Hosting is a service that allows people to post/publish their website on the internet. We do provide website hosting, email hosting as well as domain registration services all under one roof. Good hosting service from an authentic and reputed hosting platform helps in boosting the status of your website to new heights. Therefore, we at India Web Designs consider giving our clients the best web hosting platform as per the needs.


» Search Engine Optimization Services:

          Building a website for a business is not enough to attain sufficient sales and leads. You must optimize the website in such a way so that the popular search engines fall in love with it. This process of making a website visible to the search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization. At India Web Designs we offer both on-page and off-page SEO services for a better user experience.


Now that you are familiar with our services, just go ahead and let us help you to make your business grow more popular than it was before.

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