Institute & School Management Software in India

  • 2020-11-28 02:43:20

Searching for an easy to use school management or vocational institute management software in India? Or looking for a tool with which you can maintain all the records of your institute, or collect and remind about the collection of student fees on time, or record the number of inquiries or walk-ins of the institute? Well, your search will be over now with India Web Designs' brand new online software which is specially designed for-

1. Small & Medium Scale Schools/Institutes.

2. Vocational Training Centers.

3. Tuition Centers.

4. Coaching Institutes.


Features of IWD School Management Software at A Glance:



1. Create Unlimited Course Categories / Streams / Classes

2. Create Unlimited Courses / Sections

3. Create Unlimited Calendar Year / Sessions

4. Create One Time Fee or Installment Basis Fee

5. Student Registration & Admission (No Limit)

6. Automatic Admission Form Print

7. Monthly Fee / Quarterly Fee Collection Reminder

8. ID Card Printing

9. Walk-in Details

10. Enquiry Details

11. Reports Summary of all the above tasks



More Technical Advantages of our Institute Management Software:


1. Online Portal where no installation required.

2. Can be accessed from Windows, Mac, Linux Operating Systems.

3. Can be accessed from Mobile devices.


A Video Walk-Through To Set Up IWD School Management Software:





Why IWD School Management Software?


There are a large number of academic schools and institutes including vocational training centers in India. These institutions are either big or small but in maximum cases, the number of small to medium scale institutes counts more in comparison to large institutions. As a result, these small and medium scale schools, institutions, and training centers cannot implement high-cost ERP software for their institutions. 


Moreover, in most cases, the software’s which we can find in the market consists of tons of features where 60% - 70% of it are never required. Those featured are never required means that the schools and institutes lack sufficient manpower or resources to utilize all the sections of the software simultaneously. As a result, many schools and coaching institutes in India may have bought those high featured software’s but they are never used.


To solve this problem, we the team of India Web Designs, have developed a software which is:

1. Very Easy To Use

2. Clean & Elegant Design

3. No Technical Experience Required.



USP's Of IWD School Management Software:


1. Developed after collecting feedback of 12 colleges, 39 small and medium schools, and 50+ vocational training centers.

2. A person with basic knowledge of computers can use the software.

3. Low cost and bug-free software.

4. Completely paperless records.


Being an owner of an institute or a member of the management body, we know you are technically sound enough to update software. But, in maximum cases, you won’t be getting time to update or operate the software and you might assign one of your staff to do the job for you.  But what if he is unable to handle a software? As a result, we have developed this super easy to use online school management software, which can be used and operated with ease. 


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