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Are you looking to develop a website from an Indian Website Designing Company? If yes, you have taken the right decision! People from different parts of the world prefer India to develop their websites and mobile applications because of low cost of development, quick delivery and quality work. India Web Designs is one of the top website designing companies in India dealing in web designing, application development and digital marketing services since 2012. We are one of the favourite outsourcing partners of several web design companies abroad and also hundreds of direct customers trusts us for their web design needs.

What Web Designing Service We Offer?

We offer almost all types of web designing services including:
  1. Static Website Designing Services: Static website designing services includes designing of a website without a database connectivity where all the information you want us to use on your website will be accumulated and displayed in a disciplined manner. Once the designing of the website is done, the owner of the website wont be able to edit the contents of the website since there is no admin panel with database connectivity. If you have prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, in that case you shall be able to edit the images and texts of the website. Static website is suitable for those who owns a very small business and want to go live on web and for whom a website is not that important. If you want to change anything after your website design part is complete, in that case you need to contact us.
  2. Dynamic Website Designing Services: Dynamic Websites are the most popular websites of today. The reason for which is the ease of operation. Dynamic websites are those websites which comes with a database. In dynamic website designing services, we design a website for you and develop an admin panel connected to a database. The role of the admin panel is that, once we finish designing the website for your business, you can log in to the admin panel of your website and edit the entire website by own. For example, in a website there are pages, blog posts, gallery items, videos etc. So there are requirements when you need to update those, from time to time. Dynamic websites with admin panel helps us to manage the entire website without any prior technical knowledge. Search engines such as Google also loves those websites which are being updated in regular interval of times.
  3. Responsive Website Designing Services: Most of us now a days, like to browse the web more with mobile or tablet devices rather than desktops or laptops. There are several reasons for this change but the main reason is for its mobility and ease of accessibility. As a result, all website owners now a days are forced to design mobile and tablet compatible websites so that the website visitors can browse the contents of the website without any hassle. Responsive website designing means designing a website for various screen resolutions of mobiles and tablet devices.
  4. E-Commerce Website Designing Services: With the hardcore penetration of mobile internet services all across the globe, there is no barrier for a customer sitting in the United States to order a product or a service from China or India. A great number of entrepreneurs, using E-Commerce and M-Commerce as a life changing tool to promote their organisation to the next level. Our E-Commerce Website Designing Services includes designing and developing websites with which you can sell your products and services to any person sitting in any part of the globe without any hassle.
  5. Customised Website Designing Services: As the name suggests, customised website designing services includes designing a totally customised website based on your requirements. If you are a newly launched business or an organisation, you may get a website designed with any Opensource applications like Wordpress (which is one of the most popular Opensource cms since the last couple of years). Opensource websites shall provide you all important and core functions required by a website. But what if your requirements are unique? In that case, you need to develop a custom design website, which will be built dedicatedly for you.
  6. Mobile Website Designing Services: Designing websites dedicatedly for mobile devices is called mobile website designing. Many e-commerce companies, now a days prefer designing two-three layouts for websites for different screen resolutions like desktops / laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The main reason for having separate web layouts is for better user experience providing good user interface as well as fast page loading speed.
  7. Wordpress Website Designing Services: One of the very popular opensource website designing platform, Wordpress powers 35% of the total websites in 2020. With its easy to use admin features, tremendous community, huge collection of themes and plugins drives more customers to choose Wordpress as their favourite website designing platform. Whether be it a simple CMS website, ecommerce website, social networking website, a blogging site, forum or discussion board, etc. Wordpress provides solution to almost every type of possible website-types. India Web Designs provides professional website designing services, with enriched sales driven tools integrated on your website.
  8. Joomla Website Designing Services: Joomla is another website designing tool, preferred by many website designing companies as well as website designers to content rich websites. Joomla also offers various plugins to design a simple content management system, ecommerce, blog or so on.
  9. Prestashop Website Designing Services: Prestashop is a powerful and premium platform to design and develop ecommerce websites. It is an opensource platform with a good community support.
  10. Opencart Website Designing Services: Opencart is another platform with which you can create stunning ecommerce websites. Opencart is a stable platform with a good community number.
  11. Magento Website Designing Services: When we discuss about e-commerce, we can never ignore magento. It offers tons of high end e-commerce features without use of any extra plugins. India Web Designs, also offers ecommerce website designing services using magento, prestashop, opencart, etc.

Besides the above website designing services, we also offer website re-designing services such as:

  1. Wix to Wordpress Website Re-Designing Services: Wix is a stand alone and paid website designing platform with the help of which any person with a little technical knowledge can design a website. But the only demerit about the platform is that, the features of those websites are limited to a certain limit / levels. As a result there are situations when you need a professional website designer, who can convert your wix website to a nicely build professional website and India Web Designs, can help you to complete migrate the contents of your wix website to a professional platform, with nice user interface, high end features as well as decrease you monthly subscription fee.
  2. Wordpress to Customised Website Re-Designing Services: Developers and website owners loves Wordpress. As a result, the website designer whom you approached first to create your website might have suggested you create a Wordpress website. But there are situations when Wordpress websites may exhaust their limits on design as well as features. In such a situation, you need to develop and redesign your Wordpress website to a customised website.
  3. Old Website Website Re-Designing Services: If your website is at least 3 years old, you have have a free consultation with our digital marketing team, and request them if your website has any loop holes. The reason for this is that, technology changes very fast, and if your website has any issue such as page loading, mobile responsiveness, out dated plugins and themes, etc, you need to redesign your old website to fresh one.
  4. Non Responsive to Responsive Website Re-Designing Services: People like to browse those websites which can be viewed properly on any screen irrespective of its resolutions. Non responsive websites has various issues with their display layouts and in such situation you must upgrade your website to a responsive website.
Whether you are looking to create a fresh website or redesign your existing website, you can avail any type of services from India Web Designs under one roof. Our prices are transparent and we can guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our works as well as after sale support.  

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