Travel Agent Website Design [2021 UPDATED]

  • 2020-09-18 18:30:00

Demand of travel agencies has been rapidly growing over the recent few years. This is because, with the adoption of information technology as well as televisions and media, the awareness of beautiful places is growing tremendously. On the other hand, the trend of visiting new places or family trips or vacations is also growing in the developing countries like India. All this accounts for the increase in demand for the travel agents and thus the need of travel agent website design arises. If you have a travel business, having a website for your business is a great idea with help of which you can showcase all the services which you offer such as railway ticket booking services, air ticket booking services, hotel and bus booking services, tour packages, holidays and trips, etc. Displaying all these information in one place gives your customers one single platform so that they can see all of your information at one place. Besides displaying all these information on your travel agency website, it is recommended that you display your contact details such as the contact number, contact email and business address along with the google map and a contact form so that the customers can get in touch with you easily. In your travel agency business website, having a payment gateway is one of the great options which you can offer to your customers that helps to convert more sales such as in collecting the payment through debit card, credit card, internet banking, upi, etc. At a glance, the basic essentials of a travel agent website design are as follows:


  1. Company profile and contact information
  2. All of your services and packages which you offer
  3. Additional services and benefits which the customers can avail from you.
  4. Pages should display all social networks, google map for easy navigation to your business, contact form, phone number, email address, etc.
  5. Payment Gateway.


Once the basic essential parts of a travel agent website design is fulfilled, its time to get into the advance step. In this part we will be talking about the way, how contents should be displayed. Contents in travel agency website means the services that the travel agent offers or the tour packages which he offers to his clients.


Arranging Contents & Menu Items In order to display the contents, we should at first develop a design draft for arranging and accumulating the contents. We will be taking an example of a generic travel agency business to explain the step in a better way. For example, ABC Travel Agency offers services such as Hotel Booking, Flight Booking, Bus Booking & Tour Packages In the next step, you need to categories all sorts of hotels with whom you a a tie up such as Hotel Booking - Local Hotels, Domestic Hotels, International Hotels. Flight Booking can be further categorized to Domestic flight booking and International Flight Booking. Tour Packages can be categorized into Domestic Tour Packages such as State Wise tour packages, International Tour Packages, etc.


Writing Website Contents: The best way to write the contents of your website is to hire a professional seo writer. SEO writers can design the tour packages in such a way that a the article will be loved by your visitors as well as Google. Articles should never be copied from any other online sources and most importantly it should have the proper keywords on the right places such as the title of the article, article slug or url, etc.


Arranging Images: As far as possible , try to use your own images. In travel blogs people are inspired by your photographs too, so use your photographs wisely. If you do not have enough of professional photographs with you, in that case you can also get in touch with your local photographers or buy stock images too.


Choosing a Great Theme: A great idea to design an awesome travel agency website is to choose a great website. Very popular website themeforest contains one of the best collection of html and wordpress themes for travel agencies which you can go through. If you have a a good budget and sufficient time frame, we always recommend you to develop your own theme instead of using a purchased theme.


Set up of Lead Capturing Forms: Lead capturing forms are those forms which are present in the websites with main objective of capturing your visitors leads. It is one of the most important tools to essential for a travel website design. Many website designers will design you you a very attractive website with various flashy features but failing to place lead capturing forms or call to action buttons will not give sufficient results as expected by the business owner or the travel agency.


Set up of Payment Gateway: At least a basic payment gateway feature should be set up with the website so that you can offer discounts to customers on instant bookings. For example you can offer 10% discount on bookings only for today. This looks not only attractive but also increase sales to the travel agency websites.   Following all the above mentioned points will allow you to develop a great looking customer friendly travel agency website. If, you want to get a professional and creative travel website design, kindly get in touch with us. Our website design packages are affordable and popular amongst the travel agency industry in India.      

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