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How to promote a coaching institute in India | Digital Marketing For Tutoring Business

India’s e-commerce market was worth about $3.8 billion in 2009, it went up to $12.6 billion in 2013. In 2013, the e-retail segment was worth US$2.3 billion. According to Google India, there were 35 million online shoppers in India in 2014 and is expected to cross 100 million mark by end of year 2016.

This piece of article is a summary of my research about the new ways of promoting a coaching institute / tutoring business in India. All facts and figures mentioned in this article are collected from various resources published on the web.

Note: To understand the impact of digital promotion and its growing trend, devote 45 minutes of your valuable time in reading the article and clicking on all links which I have attached, in this article.

Present Scope of Tutoring Business / Coaching Classes in India

  • The market size of private tutoring business in India was 1.5 less car till June 2013.
  • Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India said that 86% of the parents enroll their children to private coaching.
  • The growth rate of coaching classes or tutoring business in India is 35% per year.

(Reference taken from


“The early bird catches the worm.”

Unless you follow the quote, your tutoring business may suffer for the following reasons:

  1. You may not be able to rule the market while planning for the next 25 years.
  2. People love new technology.
  3. Smartphone use is growing in India. It is the 3rd Largest smartphone market in the world.
  4. Growth of Mobile Internet Users: India to reach 314 million mobile internet users by 2017. From 200 million internet users in 2013 to over 500 million internet users by 2017

(Reference taken from


Let’s take a real time example. Toppr is an online practice and test package that helps students prepare for IIT JEE, PMT, School Boards and other competitive exams in the most structured way possible.

Take time to visit the website: The website is very helpful for any student  of the category stated above and its concept will create a revolution in the way of learning.



What’s Next? The SOLUTION!

You should take special care to include digital marketing in your regular marketing module. You should invest at least 20% of your marketing budget on digital marketing.

What is digital marketing by the way?

Digital marketing for a tutoring business may not simply be making a website with a flashy look, getting listed on Google, updating activities on Facebook, etc.

The proper method is creating awareness.

  1. Let the young stars know, you are unique. Inform the public about your quality.
  2. Let them know what to learn, how to learn easily (tricks and tips), why to learn and how do you make them understand those topics.
  3. Let them know that “Book knowledge” alone is not enough for student’s success.
  4. Let them know extra important topics like “Best preparation methods for class 10 students”, “7 advantages of studying in the morning”, “How to manage love and education at the same time?” etc.

You may have already followed the above four points. But your audience is too limited now, maybe your students or their parents. Share your ideas, your beliefs on the web and let the power of social media do the rest.

That’s awareness!


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