The recent trend of internet promotion is catching fire at a rapid rate. Most of the businesses today have created a virtual presence of their own to extend their market reach. One can find similar modes of promotion being used by the business owners of Tinsukia also. Tinsukia is a district of Assam that is home to a large number of industries. Because of that fact, the district is also known as the industrial district of Assam. Digboi, a town amidst the Tinsukia district is the place where the oldest refinery of India can be found. Apart from the oldest refinery few places in Tinsukia like Margherita and Ledo are famous for open cast coal mining. Due to the presence of a large number of industries the rate of commercial activities taking place within the district is always at its peak. For reasons as such, it is considered to be one of the premier commercial centers of Assam. The district comprises also includes a cosmetic plant of Hindustan Unilever (HUL).  Several types of businesses have been established here to fulfill the increasing demand of the population within the district. With the increased rate of business activities, the competition among the same business holders has also increased. To win this race of supply and demand one must employ the latest market trends to achieve business growth and race ahead of the competitors.


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           Marketing of products and services turned out to be an easy task with the internet introduction. Promoting by digital mediums requires less time and effort rather than the traditional methods. The new form of marketing that utilizes digital technologies to its utmost extent is known as Digital Marketing. It can prove to be a valuable asset for business owners who are trying to extend their business. If you’re wondering about the importance of digital marketing, then try to have a look at your competitors who are already implementing it for better opportunities. Not only your competitors but everyone who is related to the field of marketing is already taking advantage of all digital marketing has to offer. It is a great opportunity for businesses to compete with bigger companies to obtain more relevant leads. To implement the strategies associated with digital marketing creating the Website is the beginning phase of the whole process. A website is like a key that allows your business to enter into the digital realm. It creates a virtual presence whereby you can communicate with your customers and provide a detailed explanation about the services or products that are being offered from your end.



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