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In this age of mobile technologies, it seems as if it is very easy to reach out to a maximum number of people in less time. Due to the introduction of the internet, people from across the globe are connected through a common medium. The world today is said to have transformed itself into a global village because of the introduction of different media technologies throughout the world. Due to this factor, it has turned out to be easier to conduct online business to reach a whole lot of people to expand your ongoing business or services. An E-Commerce website acts as a great source of either extending a helping hand or providing products to the common people who are seeking help even in remote areas.


What is E-Commerce?


E-commerce is the abbreviated form of Electronic Commerce. It is a process of buying or selling products/services over the Internet. Electronic commerce makes use of present-day technologies such as performing commerce-related operations through the use of mobile devices, the digital transfer of funds, management of supply chains, marketing over the internet, and many more. E-commerce is in turn steered by the technological improvements of the semiconductor industry, which is considered to be the largest sector of the electronics industry.


Modern electronic commerce generally makes use of the Internet even though it may also use other technologies such as e-mail. E-commerce can be divided into three parts which are as follows: online retailing, electronic markets, and online auctions.


E-commerce businesses might employ some or all of the following:

     ⦿ Create provisions for shopping online where clients can buy their desired products and services directly from the suppliers

     ⦿ Conversate with the clients to impart knowledge about your products and services by using live chat, voice assistant, etc.

     ⦿ Initiate buying and selling between businesses

     ⦿  Gathering feedback by using the existing web contacts and social media accounts of the supplier’s website

     ⦿  Electronic data interchange between businesses

     ⦿ Launch marketing strategies between regular customers through the use of e-mail or fax

     ⦿ Launching new products and services and engaging them in retail services

     ⦿ Provision for employing financial exchanges online for currency exchanges or trading purposes.



An E-Commerce website is generally a website designed to conduct a business over the Internet to generate the desired amount of leads. We ‘India Web Designs’ being a pioneer in the process of designing websites have been successful in providing our clients with E-Commerce websites as per their requirement. We are a team of experienced professionals who have completed 8 successful years in the field of website development and internet marketing.


Having an E-Commerce website can benefit you in a great number of ways. Some of the benefits of having your E-Commerce website for your dedicated line of business or services are listed below:

     ⦿ Faster buying process:

We all know about the difficulties of visiting the market to buy a specific set of things and the amount of time it takes to find something that we desire. Having an E-Commerce website allows the customers to find their desired products by scrolling through the list of products or services offered by a certain company or business. This in turn saves a lot of time in finding and buying the right product as per the requirement of the customer.  Apart from providing the customers with a list of products the website also holds a great deal of information about the product so that one can compare which one to buy according to their needs.

     ⦿ Store and product listing creation

Creating a list of the products available with a seller puts the seller itself in an advantageous position. In an offline store, one has to continuously repeat the same details about the products to different customers that keep on visiting the store throughout the time of business. But in an online store, the seller can provide all the necessary details about their available products or services by arranging them in an appealing visual manner. This in turn provides the customers with the details about the various products that one can choose from. The online listing is available 24x7 so the customer can see the item at any time he wishes. Sellers also have the option of adding multiple listings or removing items that are sold out.

     ⦿  Cost reduction

People having a physical store knows about the difficulties faced in setting up and maintaining their stores. One has to pay a great sum of money in the form of rent, utilities, maintaining the inventory, etc. whereas having an online store reduces that cost to a minimal rate. An E-commerce store is an affordable way of setting up your business and it requires very little investment as compared to a physical store. This in turn helps individuals or small-scale business owners to increase their profits to some extent by reducing the cost of a whole lot of factors.

     ⦿  Affordable advertising and marketing

When it comes to marketing your products at an online store, one can find quick and affordable ways to market online. The seller can add a variety of images of their products and present them in a way that makes them attractive in the eyes of the customers. The seller can also make use of certain advertising tools and DIY features to promote their products. Having a customer insight tool can provide a helping hand in analyzing customers which in turn can provide the seller with better ways of marketing their products.

     ⦿  Flexibility for customers

In the case of an E-Commerce store, the store is available to the customers 24X7 which allows the seller to offer the products or services any place and at any time. There is always a presence of customers on an e-commerce marketplace and will return for repeat purchases online due to the conveniences they get. These conveniences include free shipping, express order delivery, deals and discounts, subscription advantages. They also share reviews on the items they buy. Good reviews can bestow two extra benefits- Firstly, buyers gain trust in your store depending upon the number of positive reviews. Secondly, the reviews can assist you in identifying your best-selling items. Sellers can strengthen this customer flexibility to generate their revenue as they will sell on the marketplace confidently knowing that there are many potential buyers.

     ⦿  No, reach limitations

Having an online store allows the seller to reach a great number of people as compared to a physical store. In the case of an offline store, the seller is limited to only a certain amount of buyers because of the presence of the store in a certain region. This proves to be quite disadvantageous as the seller can provide his services to a limited area within his reach. In the case of e-commerce marketplaces, they have their logistics and delivery system that provides them with the advantage of reaching out to a great number of people to deliver their products and services.

     ⦿  Product and price comparison

In e-commerce, suppliers have provisions to compare the available products which yields a better knowledge about the alternatives available in the market, their standard rates, whether a product need is unfulfilled. It helps to save time when making a comparison, as all the details are available on the shopping site itself. In a physical store, sellers might not be able to get access to so many details –they only have better knowledge about their inventory that they have in possession. This proves to be beneficial for the customer too because when people see many items ready for purchase, they also feel more confident about spending on those items.

     ⦿  Faster response to buyer/market demands

When it comes to online stores every interaction is faster as compared to an offline store. The seller can notify himself about the existing stocks within his inventory so that one can buy the products that are about to go extinct. One other advantage of having an e-commerce website is that sellers can respond to the growing demands of products within the buyers so that one can stock the products to increase the number of buyers visiting the store. Online store merchants can create deals or promotions quickly to attract customers and increase the chances of creating more sales. Ecommerce sellers may plan and apply coupons when they like and even customize those offers for their store.

     ⦿  Several payment modes

Providing different payment modes in one’s store can increase the number of people visiting and buying from the store. E-commerce marketplaces permit multiple payment modes like:


v Cash on delivery

v Net banking

v EMIs on credit or debit card

v Pay-later credit facility

Why choose India Web Designs in developing your E-commerce website?

India Web Designs create customized e-commerce websites as per the client’s requirements fulfilling their needs. We are an experienced group of professionals working together as a team to provide the best user experience in having a website.  If you choose us to develop your E-Commerce store you can avail the following benefits for just Rs. 889/month:



India Web Designs is a web designing company who began their journey of creating websites in 2012 with a vision of providing the best user experience. During these 8 years of business, we have successfully delivered 1300 or more projects to various groups of satisfied clients. We are a team of experienced professionals who are ready to help and sort out your doubts while creating and promoting a website. It isn’t enough to just create a website, one must also provide provisions for the search engines to find and rank their websites. This process of ranking a site is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps in improving the visibility of a website in the search results. Our website designing company also offers digital marketing services to rank our clients higher than their respective competitors. Our list of services is provided below to help you select the right service that suits your requirements:


     ⦿  Website Designing Services

     ⦿  Website Development Services

     ⦿  Digital Marketing Services

     ⦿  Android Application Development Services

     ⦿  Software Development Services

     ⦿  Search Engine Optimization Services

     ⦿  Website Hosting Services

     ⦿  Bulk SMS Services

     ⦿  Graphic Design Services

     ⦿  Email Marketing Services

     ⦿  Animated Video Creation

     ⦿  Online Reputation Management

     ⦿  Digital Consultancy Services.


In the region of website designing services we hold a great number of services like:


     ⦿  Static website design,

     ⦿  Dynamic website design, 

     ⦿  e-commerce website design,

     ⦿  Customized website designing services, 

     ⦿  Open-source website designing services, 

     ⦿  WordPress websites, Joomla websites, Magento websites, 

     ⦿  Open cart website designing services, 

     ⦿  Wix to HTML website designing service,

     ⦿  Responsive website designing services,

     ⦿  PSD to HTML website designing services.


We create our websites using customized web design templates that are created to bring forth a wide variety of designs to choose from. Similarly, in the case of E-Commerce websites, we have a great number of e-commerce website templates pre-designed for our clients. These customized e-commerce templates are designed to escalate the idea of the client to a whole new level of visualization. Our company follows a transparent business model and takes its responsibilities very seriously and dedicatedly due to which the retention capacity of the company is more than 90%. While searching for the best e-commerce web designing company you might come across a great number of web designing companies but with India Web Designs you can create a customized and appealing e-commerce website at quite an affordable price. Our solutions are specially designed for small business owners to whom we can offer ROI-driven services at the most affordable rates within the industry.  



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