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When the requirements of website designing and development is increasing over the recent years, a lot of freelancer as well as young entrepreneurs of Assam got into the field to deliver website designing services to the people of Assam. Some played really a good role in maintaining a remarkable presence delivering quality services to the region while others closed their ventures due to several undefined reasons. As a reason the web design market of Assam, is not a stable one. Prices on the other hand are very fluctuating and differ from vendor to vendor. This is because the experienced web design professionals are offering services at a rate higher than the freelancers. The newbie’s on one hand, in search of new projects offer services at such a lower rate which can never be compared to that of the pricings of a reputed company. So it becomes really tough to find a good website designing and developing company in Assam which provides quality services at a reasonable rate.

India Web Designs is one of the leading website designing, development, online marketing and application Development Company offering services to more than 500 clients over the last three years. The company was formed by a group of freelancers who were really successful in delivering successful projects to the clients of Assam. The good thing about India Web Designs is that you will get all the solutions of an online digital media company under one roof. Right from the point of registration of your domain name, hosting your website to a hosting environment, designing regular as well as modern responsive web layouts which supports on all major screen sizes such as laptops, desktops, palmtops, tablets and smart phones, development of your website, marketing it on Google and other major search engines, popularizing your website on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc. are carried on under one roof.

How India Web Designs can help you in developing and marketing your website in Assam?

A young teen of 14 who has a little knowledge of html and Photoshop can create a website for you. In the marketplace there are several uncountable web designers who are offering website designing services throughout the state, Assam. But, do you think these websites would be able to drive more sales or generate leads for your business??

Answer is NO! Unless you have a good experience in social media optimization and at the same time search engine optimization your website would only be a showcase to display your products or your company information. But the real objectives of websites are to drive sales, generate leads, and increase interactions between the customers and company and so on.

But being a professional website designing company in Assam, India Web Designs can help you to develop a website which would really fulfill your main objectives. We would also like to present ourselves as a digital marketing first than a web development company. Our certified professionals know from which source you could generate traffic to your website, how could you turn the general visitors of a website to a successful client, how could you rank your website on top of search engines like Google ahead of your industry competitors.

A Website will help you to stay ahead of your competitors!!!

Yes! A website will really help you to stay ahead of your industry competitors. Gone are the days of distributing flyers and leaflets visiting shop to shop – door to door. When any information is just a mouse click away, why should a person show interest in reading offline advertisement information? Moreover offline advertisement consumes more money, time as well as effort. A website with proper online promotion strategies will help you to pool potential customers from the internet.

Let me share an example:

Mr X’s body weight is increasing and we want to visit a yoga centre for losing his weight through yoga tactics. But the problem is, how will he get the information of his nearest yoga centre? In earlier times people asks references from friends and family members but in modern times things are getting simple, easier and quicker. All he need to do is to open from is mobile device or his computer and search his nearest yoga centre. He will contact the yoga centre which he finds on Google. Mr X can visit the websites of different yoga centres, compare them and choose the best one.


Now assume as if you are the owner of the yoga institute and you don’t have a website, then you will miss all those leads which comes from the web. Moreover the cost of marketing your website on the web is much cheaper than that of print media. If you can market your website online and make it rank top of the search engines you can pool majority of the leads that gets generated from the web.

Our Methodology in Online Promotion

There are numerous sources from where you can generate leads from the web. Some popular and most commonly used sources are as follows:

  • Traffic from Search Engines like Google.
  • Traffic from Social Media Websites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.
  • Traffic from Backlinks or traffic from other websites.
  • Paid Traffic.

(We shall discuss in details about the different sources of web traffic in my next blog posts.)

As already stated, we design and development corporate websites from marketing point of view. Concepts like golden ratio theory in modern designs, concepts of above the fold information, page loading time, content optimization, importance of responsive layouts, etc are being applied to the websites during the time of designing and development. These modern techniques helps the organization to get an elegant website and at the same time the website gives sufficient leads which can later be converted to successful clients.

Web Traffic in Assam:

It is a common concept that we hear from most of the business owners of Assam that people of Assam is not habituate to the internet. They do not want to develop a website because they think that none of the potential customer uses web to search for the services offered by them. But this is totally a misconception. There are lot and lot of internet users in Assam that you can’t imagine. Below is one article published on The Telegraph which will clear this misconception?

internet users of assam

According to a report published on The Telegraph on 6th of September 2013, 60 lakhs internet users were from North Eastern region Of India during that period out of 15 crore total number of internet users in India. The most popular fashion online brand have stated that during that period they got 400 orders per day from Assam and 250 of these orders are from Guwahati. Besides these above figures I would also like to share that when we started online services a few years ago there were only a few internet users from Assam but when time passes on the users using internet grew so rapidly that we receive 270% more enquiries and leads every month. Let’s take the example of Facebook users. How many people did you find from Assam when you first joined Facebook before 4-5 years?? So, the online race of Assam is increasingly dramatically and the business owners and promoters should keep in mind about the facts and figures which I have shared in this article while preparing the marketing strategy of the organization. If you already have a website, then start focusing in its online marketing part and if not you can get a website from us before your competitor takes your position.

More Brand Visibility

You may run a successful profit making business that yields sufficient profit margins at the end of every financial year. But, is your organization is well recognized by the people in your city. We all know that a well recognized brand can keep more profit margins on products and services, can establish relationships with third parties and creditors very easily. Web visibility is important in this regard and where social media plays an important role. Almost everybody of us have an account on Google plus or Facebook or any other social media website. If you market your website on these social media websites your company’s visibility will go on increasing. Every update that you push through these social media website will be seen by a large number of people of your city using those websites. Thus it will help you to market your brand in a better and modern way.

Standardization of Your Organization

Last but not the least; a good website will standardize your organization. Can you imagine your business without a phone???? The answer is NO! No one can imagine running his business smoothly without a phone which is the most used medium of communication now a days. After a year or so, just like the phone; one cannot imagine his business without a phone. A website is the first and foremost medium through which a person will identify about your business. In short a website may be called the first identity of your organization. You may develop a website for the purpose your presenting your company’s information or for generating leads but it will help you in standardizing your organization’s image.

Get Your Website Today!

Well, now its time for you to choose the best website designing and development company in Assam to develop and market your organization online.

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15 thoughts on “Top Web Design & Development Company in Assam

  1. Ramen Deka says:

    Hi Paban,
    I have read the beuatiful piece of information which you have shared in this article. I am a newbie web developer and I have some experiences in php. Can I get a job in guwahati in web development?

    1. Mr Ramen,
      Thanks for reading my article. Here is the answer to your question:

      Getting a job in php development in Guwahati region is easy and the web development firms will hire you on a good monthly scale. But the important thing is experience. You must have good experience and knowledge in this field.

      Try hard. Good luck 🙂

      1. Ramen Deka says:

        Thanks for the reply.

  2. tamal says:

    I was also thinking that people of Assam do not use internet too much. But while reading this article I got to know that Assam is also a place where a large section of the people use internet on daily basis. Specially for shopping. Thanks for publishing the article.

    1. Hi Tamal,

      Thanks for taking time in reading this article. Be sure to visit our blog again or subscribe to our newsletter to read similar articles in regular intervals of time.

  3. Bidisha says:

    Hi Paban,

    This is Bidisha. I am a college student and now I am planning to start an ecommerce website where I will sell assamese jewelries at a discounted rate. I will collect these jewelries from the local vendors of assam. What do you think? This idea will work??

    1. Hi Bidisha,

      First of all I would like to say that nothing is impossible in this world. Talking about your ecommerce venture, you can start this service without any problem. This is a great idea too which will help you to accumulate profit on one hand and offering social services to the society as well.

      But you must have a well defined strategy of your website, marketing and financing in order to grow fast. You can contact us via this link so that we can help you further.

  4. binoy says:

    Superb article.Thanks for publishing.

  5. Nishita says:

    It’s true that the people of Assam is more concern about internet,so i think that for any kind of business we need online presence. I like it.

    1. Thanks for reading my article. Subscribe to this blog to get more information regarding the same niche..

      Thanks again.

  6. Dharmesh says:

    Nice article. I have a departmental store and i am planning for a website i will contact you shortly.

    1. Thanks Dharmesh,

      You can contact us via phone (9864-123-888) or email ( We are always available on skype. Add us on skype to have a live conversation.


  7. Nitesh says:

    I have a website for our hotel, I am also running google ads. I am investing Rs 1000 minimum per day for my website on ads but the response is too low. What do you suggest? How can I get more customers to my business from Google?

    1. Hi Nitesh,

      In order to solve your issue we need to analyse your website at first; whether it is well optimized for Google ads. Here are some of the points that you can follow:

      1. By Google ads I suppose you are advertising your site on google search network. Basically there are ways of promoting your site on Google. Google search network and google display network. If your budget is 30k per month I suggest you to turn on search as well as display ads. You can contact any of our support specialists in optimizing your PPC campaigns.

      2. Make your site mobile friendly: Most of your visitors will use mobile and tablet devices for accessing your site. Be sure you have a responsive layout of your website.

      3. Third and most important: Build a separate campaign page with quick page load time and contact address, forms and phone numbers wherever necessary. This is help you to generate more leads.

      Try these simple steps and check your campaign for two-three days. Get back to us for any further query.

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