Leading provider of College Management Software in Guwahati:

Being a reputed website design company in India, “India Web Designs” has been successful in developing a College management Software that is one of its kind. Information today is stored mostly in digital form as it consumes lesser space and can be recovered easily. With the increased implementation of digital data, it has become crucial to develop software that can be used to access and store these digital data. There are numerous software available in the market today that can help manage the vast databases of an institution. A similar software that can be utilized to maintain the smooth functioning of a college has been developed by the software developers of India Web Designs. It doesn’t matter whether your college is affiliated with CBSE or SEBA, our company has the right software for you. Right from managing the daily operations of your students and teachers including attendance, examinations, assigning assignments, maintaining a good library of previous question papers & solved answer sheets as well as clerical operations, our college management software comprises of all essential value-added services which you are looking for. 

Why Choose IWD College Management Software?

IWD or India Web Designs is a brand that has been successful in securing a high reputation among the software developing companies in Guwahati. With its head office situated in Guwahati, we provide services to PAN India including several international countries. We at India Web Designs, in co-operation with the make in India initiative, developed various products and services which showed a remarkable performance in the domestic and international market. Our College Management System showed a wonderful performance in Guwahati and was loved by several college authorities of Assam.

Benefits of Using IWD College Management Software in Guwahati

The role of any software or computer application is to facilitate human efforts, reduce manpower, and ease daily operations. One may find a lot of options while finding the best college management software but if you want software having the best characteristics and functions in Guwahati, you should get in touch with us. Our college management software in Guwahati is not a product which we are reselling. It is a home-baked recipe and is completely customizable as per your needs. The pattern of operations carried out within the colleges is the same everywhere. But certain points might differ when it comes to the daily operation of a college in Guwahati and other places even within the same state because of the inclusion of a lot of different factors. Therefore, we always try to promote those products for example our featured product: college management software, which can be customized and used according to the nature of operation of the college not according to the nature of operation of the software. 


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Cost of  IWD College Management Software in Guwahati

The price of our college management software in Guwahati varies according to the requirement of the college. As we said earlier that our college management software is an entirely customizable and hand-made product of ours, so we can offer you the product at any budget you want (features depended on the budget) or any way you want. Besides the above-mentioned features, the most important reason for choosing IWD college management software is that our team of web developers is available at Guwahati to provide you with 24X7 support. In case of any issues or guidance, you can get in touch with us over the phone, online chat, or even come directly to our office to have a face-to-face discussion about your problems and issues with our developer team. Being one of the top website development companies in India, we are well informed from the very basics to professional requirements of USER INTERFACE for the sake of your students as well as for the employees who shall continuously work on it. For any query or pre-sales consultation regarding our college management software in Guwahati, feel free to get in touch anytime either by submitting your query via an email to sales@indiawebdesigns.in. You can also choose between contacting us directly over the phone or chat with us using the live chatbot that is available on our website.