Best Web Design Company in Kolkata for 2020

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Best Web Design Company in Kolkata


The number of web design companies that are dedicated to the website creation process has been increasing at a rapid rate. You will find several companies in India alone that are involved in the process of creating a website. Each of these companies hails themselves to be the best and outstanding ones. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are also a web design company in India. We are India Web Designs, we call ourselves an affordable web design company in Kolkata that is involved in providing all sorts of digital services such as website design & development, digital marketing, website hosting, android app development, software development, and many more.

We have provided a list of the best web design company in Kolkata to help you out in selecting a web designer for building your website. Please follow on to find some of the best companies that are already known to you. 


Top 10 web design company in Kolkata


Scroll through this Kolkata web design company list and see if you can find your favorite website designing company in Kolkata:


1. India Web Designs



India Web Designs is a one-stop destination for Web Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application Development & Software Development. Whether you are a startup company or a medium scale enterprise, we have years of experience in highlighting the digital presence, organizing daily business operations, and expanding businesses to new heights.


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2. Nextscreen - A Kolkata web design company


Next Screen Infotech is a leading digital marketing agency in the nation. With a team of brilliant web designers, Next Screen aims to help in promoting the business of their customers through digital means. Established in 2010, the company has already achieved many goals and is advancing in being among the digital marketing companies known globally.







3. Websys - Kolkata, website design company


WEBSYS is Kolkata based Web Development and Digital Marketing company having its main focus on client servicing through knowledge-based solutions. Being an industry leader in total IT solutions, they aim to build relations and not customers besides developing solutions to critical business problems and open new paths instead of following others.




4. Webbies - Web design company, Kolkata

Webbies is in the business of innovation and design. It was founded in December 2012 with the motive of being a design and UX driven technology company. 










5. Hexadesigns - Affordable web design company in Kolkata


Hexadesigns was founded in the year 2000. From 2006 to 2013 the unit also served as a 100% Export Oriented Unit under the Falta Special Economic Zone. Hexadesigns provides agile web and software solutions without hurting your budget.






6. Infoskysolutions - Web design company, Kolkata



InfoSky Solutions is a leading website design, development, web hosting, domain registration company in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.








7. Vnetworksolutions - Kolkata, website design company


V Network Solution is recognized as the best digital IT service agency in India. They offer a flexible consulting solution that allows people to make the most important decision and take control of your online business.








8. Intlum - Kolkata, website design company


Intlum Technology is the hub of high quality, cost-efficient, trustworthy, and result-driven web and eCommerce solutions for the clientele in a global range. They rely on providing the maximum ROI, Experience, Professionalism, and Skills.






9. Dreamzinteractive - Kolkata, web design


Dreamz Interactive started its operation in the year 2005. They are Kolkata, based Website Development Company. Their main domain is Website Development, Online Promotion, and Mobile Application Development. 








10. Devhimp-Website design company in Kolkata


Devchimp is a group of freelancers providing quality digital services in the areas of digital marketing, Book formatting, Illustrations, etc.






What criteria must be fulfilled to sort out the best among all these companies?

Let’s find out.


Defining the best is not an easy task as it requires a lot of time, effort, and research. One must look into numerous factors before pointing out someone as the best among a handful of website designers. Some of the qualities that must be looked into while searching for the best web design company in Kolkata are listed below to help you in the course of selecting a web design company in Kolkata:


          A. Unique website designs

           To fit among the list of best website design companies, one must look at the websites that are designed by a particular web design company. A company that stands out as the best will provide unique website designs as per the client’s activities for better visualization. An appealing design will attract more visitors which will, in turn, increase the scope of business or promotion of services as offered by a particular company/organization.


          B. Innovative Approach

           Web design is a constantly changing industry as it copes up with the latest technologies to offer better services. It isn’t enough to create a website that is browseable on the desktop only. Today a top web design company will create a website that can be browsed through all types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and more. A website that is accessible on multiple devices is called a responsive website which adjusts itself according to the device used to access a particular website. Any website design company that wants to call itself the best will always seek provisions for improvement along with the ongoing technological improvements in the field of offering digital services.


          C.  Portfolio

           A portfolio is a collection of the products, services, and achievements of a company to describe itself. The best web design company Kolkata will offer an expanded portfolio to stand out among the rest of the web design companies. Looking at the portfolio one can get an idea about the experience of the company while working in different sectors that may vary from textiles to construction. 

The status of a Kolkata web design company increases with the increase in the number of clients they have worked with. People will always seek a company that can work as per their requirements and offers the best possible outcome.


          DExtensive Services offered

           To stand out as the best web design company in Kolkata, it should offer an array of services other than website designing. The best web design companies always offer a full range of services from digital marketing to developmental services. Some of the services offered by these companies are app development services, digital marketing services, software development services, search engine optimization, and more. 

These variations offered by a particular web designing company allows a client to opt for different services as per their needs and that too all under one roof. 



           As a Kolkata web design company, one should offer services that can be afforded by all types of organizations ranging from small to medium scale. This is also an important factor that must be looked upon while going for a web design company. There a lot of companies that charge more than the desired price range in the hopes of having a good time. One should always pick a web design company in Kolkata that cares for its clients more than filling up their pockets. So the next time you go for a Kolkata web designing company select a company that gives you the best value for your invested money. 


          FDelivery Time

           Time plays an important role in everyone’s lives. It is like money that can prove to be beneficial when utilized to its full extent. Being an important factor also plays a great role in determining the best web design companies. All the best companies like to work along with time to steer ahead of their competitors. Timely delivery of the projects will increase the number of satisfied clients. To stand out as the best website design company in Kolkata, one must deliver their projects on the scheduled dates and should always avoid getting late. It is an important factor that must be considered while selecting your website design company in Kolkata.


          GSatisfied Clients

           Last but not least a successful web designing company will always have numerous satisfied clients. The number of satisfied clients increases the reputation of a web designing company to a great extent. It provides a scope of marketing whereby the clients represent a particular company because of the results achieved from the particular company/organization. If the clients are satisfied with the services acquired from the web design company in Kolkata then they will always come back seeking services as per their needs. One can always read the company reviews from their clients to have an idea about the services offered by a particular company.


India Web Designs - Best Kolkata Web Design Company


Website creation is a process of taking the details of a particular company and representing them in the most appealing way to internet users all over the globe. India Web Designs is a professional website design company in Kolkata that offers a wide range of digital services such as web design and development, android app development, digital marketing services, search engine optimization services, and many more. We have been offering our services since 2012 with a vision to provide top-quality websites and premium user experience to our clients. We are successful in delivering our services to various clients all over the world. It makes us proud of the fact that we have engaged ourselves with several overseas clients also. With over more than 1300 projects delivered we maintain our position as the best website design company in Kolkata by coping up with the latest website designing trends. 

At India Web Designs we pursue our relationships based on mutual trust, transparency, integrity, and persistence with our clients and other business partners. Our team of experienced professionals works systematically to provide our clients with the best possible output. We are dedicated workers of the society who are happy in providing our services to all those who in need. 

Being a web design company we seek to please our clients in every manner possible. Besides creating and developing a website we provide several other services which are mentioned below:


          ⦿  Website Designing Services

          ⦿  Website Development Services

          ⦿  Website Hosting Services

          ⦿  Digital Marketing Services

          ⦿  Android Application Development Services

          ⦿  Software Development Services

          ⦿  Search Engine Optimization Services


When we make a certain query on search engines we click on the results that are shown to us on the first search page and avoid scrolling through the other pages. 

And that’s a fact.

It is not enough to create a website today for your business growth. One must employ certain techniques to increase the visibility of your website to gain more users. A website must be ranked among the top search queries to increase the number of visitors coming to the site. This process of ranking a website using different methods is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short. It is a very important aspect that must be looked upon while maintaining your website. Being an affordable web design company in Kolkata we also offer SEO services for your website. 



As we have already mentioned SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the process of improving your website to increase visibility for relevant searches. With an increase in the site’s visibility, it will accumulate more attention thereby attracting potential customers that require your services and products. 

SEO is all about understanding what people are searching for online, the answers that they want, the words they are using, and the type of content they are looking for. There are two sides of attaining SEO for a website, knowing about the audience’s intent is one side while making it known to the search engines is the other side. Search engines have access to all the information on the internet and they provide you with the best results for the queries that are made through them. This process of accessing and providing results is known as crawling and indexing. The process of arranging the results for the users is called ranking. If you are interested to know more about these processes of crawling, indexing, and ranking you can search for them on the internet which will provide you with better knowledge. 



SEO is an important part of digital marketing that helps in reaching the desired amount of potential customers. It is one of the many methods used in digital marketing to increase the visibility and ranking of a website. The team employed for a company’s SEO efforts will analyze and improve their website by implementing different techniques to increase the overall ranking for certain topics and keywords. 

Several elements must be known and utilized in the right way to understand the importance of SEO and to increase the ranking of a website. The elements of SEO are briefly discussed below to help one get an idea of how SEO is implemented:


      ⦿  Keywords

         Keywords are words or phrases that are used in search engines to make a certain query. If you have a web designing company in Kolkata then examples of keywords might include Kolkata web design company, website design company in Kolkata, web design Kolkata, web design company in Kolkata, Kolkata web design, Kolkata website design company, Kolkata web design company list, best web design company in Kolkata, web design company Kolkata, top 10 web design company in Kolkata, an affordable web design company in Kolkata, etc.

         There are a lot of keywords that might relate to a particular company, but it isn’t necessary to rank higher in all of them. One must choose the keywords that have a higher search rate to increase the website’s overall ranking. Keyword research is an important aspect when it comes to optimizing a particular website for higher rankings against its competitors.  


      ⦿  Content

         Content refers to the descriptive information that is shown to the customers to help them get a better view of the services provided or products supplied by any business. The content of a website must relate to the services and products of its organization. Content has a variety of forms such as blogs, web page content, infographics, videos, and more.  


      ⦿  Local SEO

         Due to the increased usage of mobile devices and the internet, local SEO has turned out to be an important element in SEO implementation. Most of the searches made today are based on the intent of finding them locally. Along with using local keywords this SEO element also employs techniques such as creating location-specific pages, creating spaces in Google My Business, etc. 


      ⦿  Off-page SEO

         Off-page SEO is an element that involves external optimization practices. The strategy behind achieving off-page SEO is backlink building. The quality backlinks from external websites will inform the search engines that the website is valuable and high quality which in turn binds authority. 


      ⦿  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

         Search Engine Marketing refers to the paid marketing efforts made to increase the rank of a particular website. It includes a lot of things like Google Adwords, PPC, display ads, etc. SEM might not be a comprehensive SEO strategy but it has its place in Search Engine Optimization as it can help in reaching new and targeted audiences.



Now that we are familiar with SEO and its importance let’s dive ahead in the pool of SEO types. SEO can be divided into 7 different types which are discussed below to help you understand SEO better and the techniques associated with it:


      ⦿  WHITE HAT SEO

         This form of SEO mainly focuses on abiding by google’s search engine guidelines while optimizing a website. The results of using this SEO type might be slow but they are sustainable and will reduce the risks of getting banned. This SEO practice includes techniques like creating relevant content after doing extensive keyword research, earning high authority backlinks, etc. If done right this SEO type might provide one with high rewards while eliminating the risk factor associated with a website’s promotion and reputation.  


      ⦿  BLACK HAT SEO

         Black Hat SEO is the exact opposite of White Hat SEO. It is a process that searches for loopholes in the search algorithms to rank better in search engine queries. It doesn’t follow the search engine guidelines and employs methods such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, spammy links, etc. This form of SEO involves a high-risk factor besides getting your site blacklisted. Using this form of SEO can also result in the demotion of a website’s ranking, so it is best left undisturbed until and unless one requires a faster way of achieving their desired SEO goals.


      ⦿  GREY HAT SEO

         This mode of SEO utilizes both Black Hat and White Hat SEO techniques to show quick results to a customer. Although the methods of Grey Hat SEO are not prohibited by the google guidelines, they can still lead to undesired outcomes. This SEO approach uses techniques such as excessive link exchanges between sites, paying for reviews, etc. This kind of SEO tactics might seem helpful but are best left untouched to attain a better reputation in the search engines.



         Negative SEO is the most unethical approach seen in SEO. It is done to drop down the competitors ranking to take their place and benefit from it. This form of SEO includes tactics like hacking into a particular website to build a high number of low-quality links, posting negative feedback in various online forums, etc. Practicing this form of SEO might lead to legal trials if the practitioner gets caught. So this form of SEO should not be utilized as it is the most hated SEO technique.


      ⦿  ON-PAGE SEO

         On-page SEO is a technique that follows certain methods to optimize the website pages. This form of SEO primarily helps search engines and users to have a better understanding of your website and its content. Tactics used in this form of SEO include providing high-quality content for the sole purpose of helping site visitors, decreasing the number of broken links and duplicate content, adding meta tags for google bots, etc. The on-page SEO, all in all, deals with the measures that are taken to make a web page rank higher in the search engines.


      ⦿  OFF-PAGE SEO

         Off-page SEO refers to the methods that are utilized outside a website to increase its visibility and ranking in the search engines. It includes the process of creating backlinks and online mentions of the website. It can also be achieved by taking an active part in the forums, having a successful social media marketing campaign, getting positive reviews from the customers, etc.  



         This form of SEO deals in the optimization of websites to a point that makes it easier for the bots to crawl, interpret, and index a website for future use. Technical SEO mainly works on the backend of a website to help it run better and achieve a better rank. It is very important to maintain a faster loading time for the web pages to load and a responsive web design that can adapt itself to any device be it a smartphone, tablet, or other such devices. Technical SEO is mainly focused on the site’s performance to increase the number of visitors and its accessibility.


         That was a brief description of Search Engine Optimization, its importance, and the types of SEO. Knowing about SEO is not enough to increase the ranking and visibility of a website. The techniques discussed above must be employed in the right manner to achieve the desired outcome. If one doesn’t know the correct utilization of the above-mentioned techniques then an expert must be sought to stay away from the negative effects of employing these tactics. 


         Being a website design & development company in Kolkata, India Web Designs offers the best SEO services to rank a website better in the search engines. We have a team of experienced professionals in the matters of SEO to help you promote your activities over the internet. If you have any further queries related to SEO consult with us for a better view of its use and importance. 


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